Tapetum Lucidum
diurnal version

Subject: field mouse

Thu, 20 Feb 2003


i would have guessed


ALL of the windows

were important,

which is

surely the mark

of the novice driver:

we don't know

which corners

can be safely cut.

i too am doing chores.

i don't get a nice movie

at the end, though.

i get to get up at five-thirty

and haul my ass to work,

and then i get houseguests for the weekend.

the latter will be nicer

than the former,

at least i hope so.


after scarfing down leftover roast beef

and cheese on a biscuit,

i started to make sure

that i have things like

clean towels and sheets for people,

and that any and all evidence

of an incriminating nature

is securely hidden.

and i'm not done yet,

so i should go.


were the snowman's eyes made with?

does the snowman have a proper name,

or just "snowman"?

that's kind of a strange

school motto.

did they make you

play awful sports?

was there a dress code?

From The Mighty One

Response: Erin, I got my chicken.

Roasted it with garlic and rosemary,

and had some sugarsnap peas on the side.

Didn't feel inclined to make any biscuits though.